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Coronavirus – UPDATE

Despite the current lockdown, we are still open. We are classed by the Government as an ‘essential business.’ Walkers Transport also continue to deliver our Livestock to our valued customers, on Thursday’s.

A Special Christmas Present

One lucky customer, who orders from us between 1st November and Midnight Monday 14th December 2020 will receive the full cost of their order back, (excluding delivery charge) as a special Christmas present from us. The cost of the customer’s order, will be refunded at 12 noon on Thursday 17th December 2020.

Christmas Orders/Deliveries

This year our last delivery date for UK mainland & Ireland will be Thursday 17th December. The first delivery after Christmas will be Thursday 7th January 2021. As we offer at this time of year, every year, customers ordering now to secure their delivery for Christmas, will receive free care of Livestock until despatch.

What Our Customers Say

Good Evening and many Thanks for the absolutely Amazing baby Leopard tortoises they Arrived today and I cannot say enough about this Amazing company Tortoisesuk they are outstanding for their wonderful tortoises they Arrived in very Good order transportation and packaging was first class and the two page care information provided with them is awesome and shows class I highly recommend any one who has an interest in tortoises this is the company No1 many thanks

Mr P.Hartwell - August - 2020

Hi there , thank you for the delivery of our Horsfield tortoise this Thursday , the delivery driver was excellent I must say , he texted me and called and arrived exactly on time , best service ever .

M. Fawcett – Surrey - July 2020

I received the 3 tortoises Leopards and Sulcatas, yesterday 9th July 2020, thank you very much they’re all beautiful. Will be recommending your site to others and I will definitely be buying from you in the future too.

Have a good weekend.

Kind regards,

Owen in Northern Ireland 10th July 2020

Special Offer

Following a very successful 2020 breeding season, we have obtained from the breeder, a small number of these cute Leopard tortoises. These tortoises never hibernate. They live happily on their own, but as they are captive bred they are use to being kept, with others of their own species. We are currently able to offer the following, special prices.

BUY 1 £99.95
BUY 2 £189.95
BUY a Special Group of 3 for just £269.95

Order online today or by calling our shop on 01278 238610 we will be happy to help.

(Due to their age and current size, it is not possible to guarantee the sexes of these tortoises, but we will exercise our judgment when asked to try and provide certain sexes).


Are you a Licensed Pet establishment, looking for Quality captive Bred Leopard and Sulcata Tortoises? If so, get in touch with us now. Minimum order six. Fast Nationwide UK delivery.

Here we have a great example of how Leopard Tortoises will devour Freshly picked Plantain.
Careful when picking from public places that they haven’t been treated with weed killer or any pesticides.

Complete Tortoise Set Up in Pine

Get a great discount off normal price for this Complete Set up in Pine when you Buy either One or Two baby Leopard Tortoises.

Dimensions of this Pine Tortoise Table are  approximately: 90 x 62 x  19.5 cm.

Buy Set Up with 1 Leopard Tortoise £249.95
Buy Set Up with 2 Leopard Tortoises £299.95

(This limited offer is subject to availability).

Complete Tortoise set up with TWO tortoises

Complete Tortoise VIVARIUM Set Up

This Complete Set Up is suitable for Leopard, Redfooted and Sulcata tortoises.
Click for full product Description.
BUY with 1 Leopard tortoise £279.95
BUY with 2 Leopard tortoises £329.95
BUY with 1 Sulcata tortoise £279.95
BUY with 2 Sulcata tortoises £329.95
BUY with 1 Redfooted tortoises £279.95

(This limited offer is subject to availability).

Complete Tortoise Set Up in Oak or Walnut Veneer.

Horsfields are very popular garden Tortoises. All Tortoises should go out in your garden during warm sunny weather. These Horsfields were captive bred in 2019.

This Complete Set up in Oak or Walnut Veneer, is offered with either One or two Tortoises. Available in Oak or Walnut Veneer colour (delivered colour is not guaranteed). You need to send us a separate email, if you have a colour preference and we will do our best, but cannot guarantee this to still be available in stock when you order.

If the Tortoise is able to go in the garden during the daytime, this Tortoise Table can be used as night time housing to safely and securely accommodate your new pet. Horsfields require no heating or lighting at night time.

Dimensions of this Flat Pack Tortoise Table are  approximately:   W90  x  H21.5   x  D45   cm.

Vivexotic Tortoise Table.

Ordering from our website is easy, but if it’s quicker for you, you are welcome to call our order line anytime on Tel: 01278  238610. We arrange delivery Nationwide on Thursdays.  Free help and advice about keeping Tortoises successfully is always available from us. We have been in business for thirty six years.

Horsfield Garden tortoises. Captive bred in 2015 Buy TWO

Horsfield Tortoises

Buy 1 £99.95
Horsfield Garden tortoises. Captive

Hermanns Tortoises

Buy 1 £129.95
Horsfield Garden tortoises. Captive bred in 2015 Buy TWO

Leopard Tortoises

Buy £99.95
Redfooted Tortoise

Redfooted Tortoise

Buy £125.95
 Marginated tortoise for sale

Marginated Tortoise

Buy £120.95
Rare Western Dwarf Hermanns tortoise
Rare Western Dwarf Hermanns tortoise
Buy £189.95

Habistat Tortoise Home

This tortoise Housing, (currently only available in black)  is suitable for most species of Tortoise. It is supplied with the following:
UVA/B D3 Combination Heat lamp, Reflector (holder and all wired up forthe  D3 bulb), substrate (what the Tortoise walks on), water and food dishes, Dry Tortoise food (must be soaked prior to serving), Vitamin/D3 supplement powder.
This Complete Housing DOES NOT include a Tortoise. Simply shop and ADD the tortoise you would like.
Tortoise table dimensions are: 109 x 61 x 61 (43” x 24” x 24”).
BUY for £169.95
Tortoise Housing

Premium Housing with Cover + Horsfields Tortoise

Buy 1 £325.95

+ Hermanns Tortoise

Buy 1 £335.95

Our collection and tortoise conservation has grown over the years.

We specialise in quality Captive bred tortoises.

We are always interested in hearing, from UK breeders, who have surplus tortoises they would like to sell.

We supply Pet shops, Garden Centres and the public with FREE advice and of course beautiful tortoises, including: Leopards, Hermanns, Mediterranean Spur thighed, Marginated and Indian Stars.

Fast Nationwide delivery. Email us for the best trade prices at:

View Tortoises for Sale

To Order online or Tel: 01278 238 610 anytime


England, Wales and Scotland. Walkers Transport, on our behalf will deliver to your home or place of work from just £39.95. Certain Post Codes, due to distance will incur a delivery supplement. Our basic £39.95 delivery charge is already subsidised by us. (Walkers usually charge a basic starting price of £55.00 which is charged by all other pet retailers). Details of the delivery supplements are on our Legal Terms of Business page. Ireland is a fortnightly delivery service. Northern Ireland is a door to door service, Southern Ireland is by collection from an agreed point, which you will be advised of, when we process your order. Enquire with us by email for the next delivery date for Ireland.

Isle of Wight

We deliver to the Hovercraft port on the Island on the agreed Thursday. We do not operate a door to door service for the Isle of Wight. You will be telephoned when your order has been loaded at Portsmouth. The crossing is about 30 minutes. The collection office at the Hovercraft port is open 24/7.