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As a Pet Shop Business also Operating online, the British Government have classed us as an ‘Essential Business.’ Until such time this status alters, we continue to serve our customers both online and on a one by one basis at our shop in Somerset.
Nationwide Deliveries of our tortoises, are contracted out to Walkers Transport. They are still delivering on Thursdays so we are able to continue to accept online orders. This situation is of course unprecedented and a fast evolving one, and is therefore subject to change without notice.

Special Offer

These cute tropical tortoises were hatched in 2019. They never hibernate. Our breeder had a very successful breeding season so we can let you take advantage of the following, at very special prices. They will live happily on their own, but as they are captive bred it is arguable that they are use to being kept together.

BUY 1 £69.95
BUY 2 £129.95

Complete Tortoise Set Up in Pine

Get a great discount off normal price for this Complete Set up in Pine when you Buy either One or Two baby Leopard Tortoises.

Dimensions of this Pine Tortoise Table are  approximately: 90 x 62 x  19.5 cm.

Buy Set Up with 1 Leopard Tortoise £189.95
Buy Set Up with 2 Leopard Tortoises £249.95

(This limited offer is subject to availability).

Complete Tortoise set up with TWO tortoises

Ordering from our website is easy, but if it’s quicker for you, you are welcome to call our order line anytime on Tel: 01278  238610. We arrange delivery Nationwide on Thursdays.  Free help and advice about keeping Tortoises successfully is always available from us. We have been in business for thirty six years.

Horsfield Garden tortoises. Captive bred in 2015 Buy TWO

Horsfield Tortoises

Buy 1 £89.95
Horsfield Garden tortoises. Captive

Hermanns Tortoises

Buy 1 £120.95
Horsfield Garden tortoises. Captive bred in 2015 Buy TWO

Leopard Tortoises

Buy £69.95
 Mediterranean Spur thigh

Mediterranean Spur Thigh

Buy £120.95
 Marginated tortoise for sale

Marginated Tortoise

Buy £110.95
Rare Western Dwarf Hermanns tortoise
Rare Western Dwarf Hermanns tortoise
Buy £169.95

Premium Housing with Cover + Horsfields Tortoise

Buy 1 £325.95

+ Hermanns Tortoise

Buy 1 £295.95

Our collection and tortoise conservation has grown over the years.

We specialise in quality Captive bred tortoises.

We are always interested in hearing, from UK breeders, who have surplus tortoises they would like to sell.

We supply Pet shops, Garden Centres and the public with FREE advice and of course beautiful tortoises, including: Leopards, Hermanns, Mediterranean Spur thighed, Marginated and Indian Stars.

Fast Nationwide delivery. Email us for the best trade prices at: sales@tortoisesuk.co.uk

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To Order online or Tel: 01278 238 610 anytime


England & Wales We deliver to your home or place of work on a Thursday for just £39.95 Scotland We deliver to your home or place of work on a Thursday for £60.00 Southern Ireland We deliver for £65.00 to the following collection points: Proudstown Pidgeon Supplies, County Meath. Sandyhill Pidgeon Supplies, St. Margarets, Dublin. and Crammonds, Arklow, County Wicklow. Collection time is on a Thursday from 11 am.
Northern Ireland We deliver for £65.00 to B&Q Car Park, Damolly Retail Park, Armagh Road, Newry, County Armagh BT35 6PR You must be prompt and collect from this collection point at 07:30 am on Thursdays.

Isle of Wight

We deliver to the Hovercraft port on the Island on the agreed Thursday. We do not operate a door to door service for the Isle of Wight. You will be telephoned when your order has been loaded at Portsmouth. The crossing is about 30 minutes. The collection office at the Hovercraft port is open 24/7.