For many years we have successfully kept Leopard and Sulcata tortoises. We keep them in Tortoise tables and Vivarium’s.

This Complete Set up includes everything you need to keep your Sulcata tortoise healthy. However if the room where you intend to keep these tortoises, is likely to fall below 22 degrees Celsius at night, you will also need to purchase our Night Time Red Heat bulb and Ceramic Clamp Lamp. Those two items are available on this website to add to your order for £35.95

Vivexotic Vivarium in Oak Veneer (flat packed)

Dimensions are 863 x 375 x 421 mm (Please note, the decorations shown in the Vivarium photograph, are for photographic purpose only, and are not supplied or appropriate for keeping Tortoises).

Substrate (what the Tortoise walks on)

All our VIVARIUM Set Up’s are supplied with the latest T5 Technology UV lighting tube and fitting. We also supply a Heat bulb and Ceramic Holder all wired up ready for the screw in bulb.

Calcium and D3 Powder Supplement

Water Dish

Tortoise Dry Pellet food (must be soaked prior to feeding to soften) This food is used a few times a week as a treat only. We always feed fresh high fibre food each day.

SULCATA Tortoises are easy enough to care for, but you must get a few basic things correct from the start. After ordering we will email you Pre Delivery Care Information on this species. NO other Pet company or private breeder takes this step, to ensure you are correctly advised, before taking delivery. Leopard tortoises should go out in your garden during warm sunny weather.

Sulcata tortoises have a written Caresheet with your delivery. Further telephone advice available daily by calling our shop after 12 noon.

THIS SET UP IS ALSO SUITABLE FOR OUR LEOPARD TORTOISES. After ordering we will email you Pre Delivery Care Information.

Note as this is a Vivarium, you have to establish your own way of securing the Basking Heat bulbs in to the roof of the Vivarium. You cannot use the Clamp part of the Holder supplied in this package. We generally secure the Heat Bulb, by putting a ‘hook’ in to the roof one third from the end, and securely suspending the lamp from it.