This set up includes one HERMANNS tortoise.

With this package you get everything that is needed to keep your tortoise in a nice healthy condition.

Items include: Housing (supplied flat packed), Substrate ReptiTurf (what the tortoise walks on), D3 Heat/UV Bulb, Reflector lamp all wired up and ready for the bulb, Water Dish, Tortoise Dry Food, and Vitamin/D3 powder.

Housing Size: (LxDxH)  90 x 45 x  21.5cm

These Hermanns only require our special D3 bulb to be on in the daytime. This species does not require any heat or light at night time. On nice dry warm days, it is very important, for the continued good health of these Hermanns, that they be allowed to bask outside in your garden.

If you would like to purchase a second Hermanns Tortoise, please Telephone us on 01278 238610 to place your order.