Western Dwarf Hermanns
(Testudo hermanni hermanni) (Calabria)

Such Cuties! All eggs from this batch, were incubated for Females. Sorry no males available.

This species of Hermanns tortoise, (Hermanni hermanni UK Captive Bred 2021 and Microchipped) are much rarer than the more common Hermanns (Testudo hermanni boettgeri).

They have colourful markings and only grow to about 14cm.

They should go outside on warm sunny days and can be hibernate in the winter. However we prefer to keep them out of hibernation for the first few years of their life. This will allow them to continue to feed and grow through out the winter months in the UK, and not loose weight as all tortoises do when hibernating.

If you decide not to hibernate them, you will need one of our Complete Tortoise Enclosures available on our website or call us to order – Tel: 01278 238610.

These Western Dwarf Hermanns are really very special.