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  1. In accordance with our license (section 6.1) issued under the Pet Animal Act 1951, ‘all stock for sale must be in good health and free from obvious parasitic infection as far as can be reasonably determined without veterinary inspection.’
  2. In the unlikely event that your tortoise dies during the guarantee period (12 months), you must first obtain and pay for ‘a professional report,’ to confirm that, the death was attributable to a disease or illness, that was present in the tortoise when we sold it to you. Our guarantee of 12 months is to our retail customers only.
  3. We will not accept liability for the cost for you to obtain (2) above, ‘a professional report.’
  4. We will not accept any liability for any veterinary fees you the customer may incur. It is good sensible practice, to insure all animals for veterinary fees.
  5. We will check to ensure you have provided the correct, housing, heating, lighting, and diet for the tortoise we sold you.
  6. You must show that you have followed the FREE written and verbal animal welfare advice we provided you with.
  7. In the unlikely event, that an endangered species is to be replaced by us, the CITES documentation ‘Article 10’ given to you at the time of delivery, must be returned to us, before we will arrange a replacement.
  8. In offering you any replacement, you the customer, must first pay us the delivery charge, before we make arrangements  for your replacement to be sent.
  9. It is not possible to guarantee the sex, or size or age, of the tortoise you are purchasing, unless this is specifically stated on our website, or in an email from us, before placing your order.
  10. It is a sign of good Professional animal welfare practice, to quarantine all newly acquired tortoises for as long as possible. Different species of tortoises should never be mixed.
  11. Returns, refund and cancellation policy. In accordance with the distance selling law you have a 7 day cooling off period in which you have the right to cancel your purchase and receive a refund for the products excluding any postage or delivery costs. This is subject to (a) the products being returned to us by you the customer, in their original condition, (b) cost for the products return at the customers own expense, (c) all returned products are subject to a 20% restocking fee and (d) before returning any product, you must first obtain from our customer services team via email, a ‘returns number.’ If you cancel your order before we deliver it to you, the same conditions of refund, as outlined in (11) above will apply. In addition to these conditions of refund, you are informed that where we ourselves do not deliver the item you have ordered, we contract out the delivery to Walkers Transport. We subsidise our standard delivery charge by £5.05. Where we have already made this booking with Walkers Transport, (before we received your cancellation of order by email), we will charge you their full livestock delivery cost of £45.00 or £60.00 or £65.00 depending on your delivery address.
  12. Our customer service team can be contacted via email at:
  13. As you the customer are purchasing a live animal from us, you confirm by making a purchase from this website, that you are (a) 16 years of age or older, and (b) that you have the appropriate knowledge and housing to provide for the animals continued welfare.
  14. We aim to acknowledge receipt of your order and emails within two working days. (We define a working day as Monday to Friday excluding Public/Bank holidays)
  15. We will contact you via email at the earliest possible opportunity, to arrange a mutually convenient date to deliver your new tortoise. Please note, we never attempt to deliver tortoises without first arranging the delivery date with you.
  16. Certain areas/post codes of the UK and Ireland are subject to a livestock delivery surcharge. We will inform you if this applies to your order. If it does and you do not wish to pay this surcharge, we will refund your order payment in full. Any surcharge must be paid by telephone when we call you during processing of your order.
  17. Our standard delivery charge for Livestock is £39.95
  18. Security Camera products have free delivery within the UK.
  19. Our Pet Animal Act trading licensing number is: M:028178 Sedgemoor

We reserve the right to amend and update our terms of business ‘Legal’ at any time without notice.

All future amendments and alterations will appear on this page.

Last Updated:16th February 2019