Legal Terms of Business with

  1. When placing an order on this website, or by telephoning us your order, you are agreeing to and accepting all our following terms and conditions of business. We reserve the right to amend and update our  Legal Terms of Business at any time without notice.

All future amendments and alterations to our Legal terms of business will appear on this page.

  1. Our staff work very hard and long hours everyday to provide all our animals with the very best care and attention. Our staff strive very hard to help all our customers, but the care and welfare of our animals always takes precedent over potential custom. Staff are frequently under pressure to dispatch orders. We will not tolerate rude or offensive behaviour. We reserve the right to simply cancel your order, and refund your money, if we do not feel happy for any reason, to deal with you. No further correspondence will be entered in to.
  2. In accordance with our license (section 6.1) issued under the Pet Animal Act 1951, ‘all stock for sale must be in good health and free from obvious parasitic infection as far as can be reasonably determined without veterinary inspection.’ This includes ‘ticks’ which just like dogs, tortoises can on rare occasions pick up. We routinely worm all our Tortoises. They are wormed with Panacur Granules. This is a prescription drug, and can only be authorised by a veterinary surgeon. Despite our ongoing worming schedule, tortoises are sold on the understanding, that they can not be guaranteed to be free of worms.
  3. We frequently place a white  ‘Tipex’ mark on tortoises shells. This is confirmation to our staff that the tortoise has been seen to feed. Do not worry if you receive a tortoise without a ‘Tipex’ mark. We cannot possibly mark every single tortoise. However we try to only send tortoises with a ‘Tipex’ mark. Tipex is harmless to the tortoise shell (the carapace) and will naturally wear off given time. We are the only company to mark tortoises in this reassuring way.
  4. In the unlikely event that your tortoise dies during the guarantee period (thirty days from the date you the customer received your order), you must first obtain and pay for ‘a professional report,’ to confirm that, the death was undoubtedly attributable to a disease or illness, that was present in the tortoise when we sold it to you. Our guarantee of thirty days is to our retail customers only.
  5. We will not accept liability for the cost for you to obtain (5) above, ‘a professional report.’
  6. We will not accept any liability for any veterinary fees you the customer may incur. It is good sensible practice, to insure all animals against veterinary fees.
  7. We will check to ensure you have provided the correct, housing, heating, UVA and UVB lighting, and diet for the tortoise we sold you. We have been Professionally licensed in the retail pet business for about thirty seven years.
  8. You must convince us you followed all the FREE written and verbal animal welfare advice we provided you with. There is much conflicting and poor welfare advice circulating about tortoises. Listening to advice from a third party will invalidate your guarantee with us.
  9. In the unlikely event, that you feel it necessary to raise an issue with your payment provider, eg PayPal or any other similar debit or credit card payment provider, you the customer are hereby agreeing, to first raise any concern, with us the seller. You agree to do this by email. This is to ensure an accurate record is established. You the customer further agree to allow us the seller, ten working days to respond to you. If your payment provider, settles a claim for a refund you make against us, you will have ten working days, at your sole cost,  to return all the goods to us, in their original purchased condition. If the goods are not returned in this condition, and within this time period, we will take debt recovery action to recover all our financial loss. In any dispute or legal claim, only English Jurisdiction Law will apply. Live animals, will only be accepted by us, when they have been correctly packaged and transported in compliance with the Law, as enacted under the Welfare In Transport Act.
  10. CITES documentation ‘Article 10’s Certificates. In the unlikely event, that an endangered species (Appendix A) is to be replaced by us, the CITES documentation ‘Article 10’ given to you at the time of delivery, must be returned to us, before we will arrange a replacement.
  11. We do not, and we are not Legally required to retain copies of any Article 10 Certificates, when a tortoise legally requiring an Article 10 Certificate is sold to you. There is currently no charge made for this certificate, you do not have to send it away to get your name and address in box 1, and it does not expire. We strongly suggest you make photocopies, and file them in different places. The Law states, if you sell or gift an Appendix A Animal, the specimen specific Article 10 Certificate, must be given to the new owner.
  12. Livestock replacement. In offering you any livestock replacement, you the customer, must first pay us the full  unsubsidised delivery charge, before we make arrangements  for your replacement to be sent. The current unsubsidised delivery charges, are between £50.00 and £65.00 depending upon your post code.
  13. Sex, Size and Age of Tortoises offered. It is not possible to guarantee the sex, the size or age, of the tortoise you are purchasing, unless this is specifically stated: in an Article 10 Certificate, on our website, or is stated in an email from us, before your order is despatched. Generally with Horsfields, Hermanns and Leopard tortoises we are only aware of the year of hatch as stated in the product descriptions on this website.
  14. Husbandry. It is a sign of good Professional animal welfare husbandry, to always quarantine all newly acquired tortoises for as long as possible. Even when originating from the same source, but purchased at different times. Different species of tortoises should not be mixed.
  15. Returns, cancellation and refunds policy. In accordance with the distance selling law you have a 7 day cooling off period in which you have the right to cancel your purchase and receive a refund for the products excluding any postage or delivery costs. This is subject to (a) the products being returned to us by you the customer, in their original condition, (b) cost for the products return at the customers own expense, (c) all returned products are subject to a 20% restocking fee and (d) before returning any product, you must first obtain from our customer services Team via email, a ‘returns number.’ If you cancel your order before we deliver it to you, but after you have sent us an email saying you will accept delivery, we will charge you WalkersTransport full unsubsidised delivery charge. Their current livestock delivery charge is between £50.00 or £65.00 depending on your delivery  post code. Refunds. If we decide for any reason, to refund the full amount of money, you have paid to us, at the point the refund has been made, this will be legally deemed to be the end to our legal contract.
  16. Contact Customer Service. Our Customer Service team can be contacted via email at:
  17. When emailing us you are require to quote: (a) your full name and (b) your four digit Order # XXXX Number in the Subject line. This order number is only available to you if you have placed your order online.
  18. Minimum age to purchase Livestock. As you the customer are purchasing a live animal from us, you confirm by making a purchase from this website, that you are (a) 16 years of age or older, and (b) that you have the appropriate knowledge and housing to provide for the animals continued welfare. If you are ordering from us online, we are happy to offer you the correct care advice by telephone, to ensure your choice of species of tortoise is the right one for you. If you would like our telephone advice, please call our shop Monday to Friday on 01278 238610.
  19. Unlike any other UK company, offering live tortoises for sale, when acknowledging your order and offering you a delivery date by email, we send a separate email, to customers who have ordered TROPICAL Tortoises. This is to make very clear that Tropical Tortoises, such as Leopards and Redfooted, have different care requirements to the normal very popular garden tortoise, such as Hermanns and Horsfields. If you consider you are not able to provide the correct care required, then this affords you a further opportunity, to reconsider the species, and maybe change your order to a more suitable species. In addition to this, we also provide two Caresheets for Leopard tortoises to try and ensure purchasers will cater correctly for this animals welfare. Customers are advised therefore, not to purchase Leopard tortoises, simply because the shell (the carapace) looks attractive! We are no longer willing to offer Leopard tortoises on their own, as some customers have not been providing the correct husbandry for this species. In the best interest of animal welfare, we will now only offer Leopard tortoises, when a Complete Set Up is bought from us.
  20. Receipt of your order. We aim to acknowledge receipt of online orders and emails normally within two working days. (We define a working day as Monday to Friday excluding Public and Bank holidays). PLEASE NOTE our animals are our number one priority. Mornings especially are devoted to providing for their welfare needs.
  21. Delivery. We will contact you via email at the earliest possible opportunity, to arrange a mutually convenient date to deliver your new tortoise. Deliveries are only made by WalkersTransport on Thursday’s. Please note, we never deliver tortoises without first agreeing a delivery date with you, via email. Once we have offered you a proposed delivery date by email, you need to email us back to confirm that a responsible person will be available at the delivery address on the agreed date. When emailing us back, you must identify yourself by including your full name. Please check your Spam and Junk Folders and add us to your safe Contacts, to ensure you receive our timely emails. This DOES NOT mean you will automatically get a delivery on the first Thursday after placing your order. A delivery time cannot be offered due to various factors outside the delivery drivers control, road traffic conditions, weather etc. You the customer are agreeing to accept a delivery only on an agreed day. There is no door to door service to the Isle of Wight. Customers there will be sent a Text or call when the driver has loaded your consignment on the Hovercraft.
  22. Product not as described. On occasions due to unprecedented demand we may be out of stock of the same, brands or style of product as featured in our photographs or product descriptions. To enable us  to deliver your order without any delay, we reserve the right to substitute products with the same or greater retail value, at no extra cost to you. If we are providing a substituted product of a lesser value, then we will refund you the difference. Please note, what ever product is supplied to you the customer, it will have exactly the same health benefit to the species of Tortoise you are purchasing from us. Any queries must be reported to us, (1) within six hours of your delivery being received and (2) reported to us by email with a detailed reason why you are claiming ‘not as described.’ No queries will be considered after this six hour period.
  23. If you request a delivery on a specific THURSDAY, please note, after placing your order with us online, you MUST send us an email requesting  the specific delivery date. We will email you, to confirm that the date, is either acceptable or offer you an alternative date.
  24. Due to the effects of BREXIT WalkersTransport regrettably no longer deliver to Northern or Southern Ireland.
  25. Delivery Surcharges & Excluded Post Codes where WalkersTransport will not deliver to. Certain areas/post codes of Scotland,  are subject to a livestock delivery surcharge of between £15 and £25. There is no surcharge for delivery via the  Hovercraft for transport to Isle of Wight. We will inform you if there is a surcharge which applies to your order. If it does and you do not wish to pay this surcharge, we will refund your order payment in full. Any surcharge must be paid by telephone when we call you during the processing of your order. Walkers Transport are no longer offering deliveries to the following post codes: All KW, IV20 to IV28 and IV40, PA20 to PA40 and PA30 – PH50. There may be other Towns where WalkersTransport will not be able to deliver to due to distance.
  26. Shortages. Any potential claim for shortages must be notified to us by email within six hours of receiving your order.  No claim for shortages will be accepted after this period. All our orders are prepared and packed by two members of staff. We reserve the right to photograph the contents being packed.
  27. Tracking. There is no tracking available for Livestock.
  28. Special Offers. Special Offers which usually offer significant savings compared with normal prices, may be withdrawn at anytime, and may only be available for delivery on certain dates. There may be a slight delay between ordering and receiving delivery of Special Offers.
  29. Livestock Delivery Charge. Our standard delivery charge for Livestock is still just £39.95 This is added automatically at Checkout.
  30. If you need to contact us, either  send us  an email via this website, or Telephone our shop Monday to Friday on 01278 238610.
  31. We are Licensed under The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018 – Assessed as qualifying for 3 Stars –  Our trading licensing number is: M:030527 Sedgemoor. Our current trading license is valid until 31st December 2021.
  32. Our latest unannounced Inspection of all our Animals was made by our local authority on the 8th October 2020. No issues were found.
  33. All Tortoises and dry good products, remain the property of (Mypets) until paid for in full.
  34. You may wish to Print off a copy of our Legal terms of business, which you are entering in to, (when you order from this website or by placing your order with us over the telephone), for your  future reference.

Last Updated:26th June 2021